Cold Storage Services

We have eight different temperatures.

The refrigerated produce warehouse plays a major role which guarantees fresh and wholesome produce in your meal each and every day. Cold storage services become more and more important, from the farmer to the packer, or from the produce importer to the wholesaler.

Thank you for considering Global Best Produce Inc. as your storage provider. We are located in downtown Los Angeles, within thirty minutes driving distance of the two largest ports in America. We are surrounded by freeways that lead to the nation. And the most important things is, we are only minutes aways from the produce wholesale area where most of your customers are located.

Since Global Best Produce Inc. itself is a produce company, we know how to handle produce. After searching and comparing, you will discover that we are your best choice for cold storing your produce.

We are available anytime to assist you. Please feel free to contact us for any questions at 323-780-8898.