A Few Words About Us

“Never give up. Nothing is impossible!”

This is the spirit of Global Best Produce Inc. With this spirit, Global Best impresses its customers and providers tremendously and it grows at an amazing speed.

Global Best is a miracle in the produce industry. In 2007, our team leader established it with only a handful of employees and a small warehouse of merely 36,000 square feet. Today, we have expanded our warehouse by more than twice of its original size and Global Best Produce Inc. jumped into the top 10 list of the Asian produce companies in Los Angeles.

As one of the leading produce companies in California, we wholesale and distribute all kinds of fruits and vegetables to wholesalers and markets of all over the United States. We select the best quality farm fresh produce and provide powerful logistic solutions and impressive customer services for our customers. Besides, we also supply cold storage for our providers who do not have a local warehouse and help them arrange trucking for delivery or being picked up by other customers.

In the future, we will continue creating miracles for our customers and providers. We have a goal, which is “Satisfy all of our customers and providers, and expand their business.” As usual, we will try our best to make this goal a “possible”.

Our mission is to deliver all the best products directly to our customers.

Corporate Governance

Premium Quality

Our receiving department has high standards and their goal is to take in the highest quality produce they possibly can. They define quality by evaluating the freshness, safety and appearance of all of the produce we carry. They promised to make every customer satisfied with what we sell.

Excellent Customer Service

We are in business to service customer needs. We truly listen to our customers. Every customer is important and we will treat you as individuals. We value your complaints because your complaints give us an opportunity to improve. And we will find solutions to all your special needs.

Reasonable Prices

We always offer our customers the most reasonable price for the best quality produce. We guaranty that no one can find a lower price for the same quality produce from any other company.

Greatest Vendor Support

Our success is dependent upon the trust and support of all of our vendors. We strive to create a good relationship which motivated vendors can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results.

Our Team

Ingram Liu
Sales Manager
Roberto Contreras
Warehouse Manager
Sophie Zhang
Account Manager
Erika Contreras
Accountant Assistant
Morton Chu
Sales Associate